International Western Dharma Teachers Gathering – June 2015

Exploring Issues of Relevance, Heritage and Innovation for Today’s Teachers

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Program starts Monday night, June 1, 2015 and ends noon, Friday June 5

Who is it for?

Those teaching Dharma, as a significant life and time commitment, to Westerners and/or to immigrant communities in the West (English competency necessary).

Where is it located?

Omega Institute For Holistic Studies
Rhinebeck, New York, USA
(Travel Directions)
400 person capacity


An engaging, interactive gathering inclusive of differences and diversity, and supportive of a depth of connection, exchange and learning. A diversity of teachers, inclusive of: various ordinations and lay teachers, all lineages, teachers of color and teachers of Asian Buddhist congregations, a spectrum of gender and sexual identity, multiple generations, teachers working in a variety of contexts and using different modalities (from traditional Buddhist to more secular approaches).

What topics will be covered?

The theme of Exploring Issues of Relevance, Heritage and Innovation for Today’s Teachers will include…

  • Growing as teachers in our teaching: Traditional Buddhist approaches meeting innovations for teaching and learning and students in the 21st century
  • Responding to world trends, including: Environmental concerns, ethics and social engagement, the global financial crisis, changing demographics, the future of Buddhism… and other important issues that may arise in the time leading up to 2015.
  • Realizing diversity: Culture and the nuances of teacher power, authority, and privilege. How teachers can use their position to create pathways for all people to access the dharma.
  • Not knowing: Space to be with what’s messy among us, mistakes, and the places that scare us. Fostering authentic  and compassionate connection.


Program Cost:

The base fee is $490 inclusive of event fee, accommodation and meals. There is the option for an installment plan. Payment will be required upon completion of the registration process. During the registration process, there is an opportunity to offer additional dana for teachers without financial support from a sangha, or other means, who may require donations to attend. All dana will go toward teacher support. If you are in need of financial support please contact prior to registering.

Our Supporters

The 2015 International Dharma Teacher Gathering is made possible with the generous support of the following foundations:

  • Hemera Foundation
  • The Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism

The attendance of monastics is helped made possible with the generous support of dana from teacher registrations. Thank you.

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