For directions and means of transportation to Omega’s Rhinebeck/NY campus please click here
If you have any questions about transportation, we invite you to contact the Omega team:
Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm and Friday 10am-5pm EST
800-944-1001 or email


Rhinecliff train station Omega shuttle:
Although the Omega website says their shuttle service from Rhinecliff train station runs on Fridays and Sundays only, exceptionally for our Gathering, the Omega team has set up shuttles on Monday June 1st. They are once an hour from 1:30-6:30pm.  Returns to the train station on Friday are once an hour from 1-6pm.  The ride is approximately 20 minutes one way and the cost is $20 each way per person. Please call Omega at 800-944-1001 to confirm your ride.

NYC Omega shuttle:
If you are interested in using the Omega shuttle service to and from NYC to Omega, please call the Omega team to let them know. They do not have this service typically scheduled on a Monday but if there is enough interest, they may organize this. At the time this email is being sent, no shuttle is planned. If needed, please call Omega at800-944-1001 to to express your interest in this service.

SELF-ORGANIZED RIDE BOARD FOR EVERYONE: We have created a ride board for the event to find other attendees needing or offering rides to and from the event. Whether you are coming by plane, bus, train or car to Omega and whatever your itinerary (through NYC, JFK, Laguardia, Boston, Rhinebeck, etc), this is is a place where you can post your plans and find others to travel with or split the cost of a car service. Even if your transportation needs are already sorted out, we encourage you to post your information so that others can find you and potentially travel with you. Several teachers are coming from quite far (eg Russia, Europe, Latin America), and including monastics who in many cases are not able to handle money themselves, and they are sure to benefit from a friendly travel companion if it is their first time making the journey to Omega.

To access the ride board, please click here.